Understand the requirements: Make sure you understand the requirements for the schedule you are applying for and that your company and products/services meet those requirements.

Gather all necessary information: Collect all of the required documentation, such as financial statements, certifications, and product/service literature.

Complete the application thoroughly: Be sure to complete the application form accurately and completely, including all required attachments and certifications.

Be patient: The GSA Schedule Contract process can take several months to complete, so be prepared for a long wait.

Utilize GSA resources: Utilize the resources provided by GSA, such as the schedule’s Industry Liaison, to help guide you through the process.

Consider hiring a consultant: Hiring a consultant who is experienced in the GSA Schedule Contract process can help to ensure that your application is completed correctly and submitted on time.

Be prepared to negotiate: Be prepared to negotiate the terms and pricing of your contract with the GSA contracting officer.

Keep your contract updated: Once you have been awarded a schedule contract, it is important to keep it updated by submitting annual price updates and addressing any changes to your company’s information.

Understand the terms of the contract: Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your contract, including the length of the contract, the renewal process, and any performance metrics that must be met.

Maintain compliance: It is important to maintain compliance with all of the terms of the contract, including pricing, delivery, and quality requirements.

Utilize the GSA Advantage! website: Once you have been awarded a schedule contract, make sure to list your products and services on the GSA Advantage! website so that government buyers can find and purchase them easily.

Build relationships with government buyers: Building relationships with government buyers can help to increase your visibility and lead to more sales. Attend government-sponsored trade shows, events, and conferences to connect with buyers.

Be responsive to customer needs: Government buyers have unique needs and requirements, so it is important to be responsive to their needs and to provide excellent customer service.

Seek feedback from government buyers: Seek feedback from government buyers on your products and services and use that feedback to improve your offerings and increase your sales.

Continuously improve your processes: Continuously look for ways to improve your processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency to stay competitive and maintain your GSA Schedule Contract.

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