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Why is having a GSA Schedule Contract so important to winning vendors? It makes the buyers job — EASY.
The GSA Schedule is a pre-approved price list of your products and services and according to FAR 8.4, any government agency or base can use the GSA Schedule to purchase products and services sole source if under $25,000 and by obtaining three written bids over $25,000 shortening the 9-month buying process from the public bid sites like FBO.gov down to an average of 14 days and in many cases – one day.  And, if you sold IT products and services, State and Local Governments are welcome to use the IT70 GSA Schedule to purchase products while the rest of the schedules are available to state and local governments in a declared state of emergency, speeding up the purchase timeline significantly in a disaster.

GSA Schedules are Only for Winners Ready to Hit the Field and Sell

While GSA reported about $35B in sales last year among its 18,000 vendors, they have also reported that about 50% are at $0 sales because some vendors get their GSA Schedules and then expect the phone to ring which will result in $0 sales. 

At MarketUS we encourage our clients while we help them apply for the GSA Schedule, that they get a head start and hit the field with solid research of who buys what they sell and a federal sales action plan  so they have clients ready to buy when their GSA Schedule rates are approved. Either a company can do it on their own, or we can point to partner resources to get the sales team primed and ready to sell to the federal government right away.

Sure, they can buy without a GSA Schedule- Once or Twice – But Eventually They’re Going to Need You To Get a Contract Vehicle To Show Your Prices are Pre-Approved:

There are many ways buyers can purchase products and services from a company. They can use the new micro-purchase threshold level of $10,000 to sole source pretty much anything at that price point or below, and they can use the new raised level of Simplified Acquisitions which is now $250,000 with three open market bids received, but if they plan to buy from you on multiple occasions, they’d rather use a contract vehicle with a vendor they know, trust and love, who has a contract such as a GSA Schedule.

Having A GSA Schedule Makes Your Company and Your Prices Legit – Whether they Use GSA Schedules to Buy What You Sell – Or Not

GSA is a great baseline for a wide variety of other contract vehicles the agencies use to buy what you sell. For example, GSA has IDIQs called GWACs and Agencies Have IDIQs with many nicknames such as: EAGLE II, CIOSP3, MATOCs, ESPCs and more. Vendors who apply for these IDIQs use their GSA past performance and approvals to help them put their best foot forward for these other contracts – and with the teaming partners who want to work with them.

GSA – It’s A Great Entry Way to Working with the Federal Government.

Need help applying for a GSA Schedule? MarketUs can Help