Will GSA provide a sample GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA)?

No. Arrangements are made between team members and will vary from one CTA to another. The following are common elements of a CTA:

  • Identifies participants, GSA Schedule contract numbers, and services and products covered by the arrangement;
  • Defines terms;
  • Sets forth each participant’s roles, responsibilities, and obligations;
  • Identifies scope, period of performance (for specific, limited purposes or longer periods covering several transactions), and termination of the arrangement;
  • Identifies remunerations for functions performed, if any;
  • Establishes scope and limitations of any licenses or proprietary rights;
  • Establishes representations and warranties among the parties;
  • Identifies confidentiality requirements, obligations, disclosures, and remedies;
  • Identifies damages, liability/limitation of liability, and any indemnification requirements among the parties;
  • Addresses administrative requirements (e.g., assignments, how notices will be conveyed and recognized, how changes or amendments will occur);
  • Identifies any terms that survive the arrangement or termination; Identifies governing laws, venues, etc.;
  • Establishes how disputes will be addressed and resolved; and
  • Addresses force majeure; i.e., addresses how an unexpected or uncontrollable event will impact a team member’s obligation under the CTA.