Why can't we do a schedule by ourselves?

You CAN do your own schedule and don’t believe anyone who says you cannot. You have to be ready to devote a lot of time have a lot of patience and be available at all times when a contracting officer finally decides to work on your proposal and wants information and clarifications NOW. Also what if you fill something out incorrectly and your proposal is thrown out? According to GSA, 79% of all proposals submitted by a company directly are rejected.  It is our job to clarify and make sure these things do not happen. Recently, one of our clients, an ex-buyer for the armed forces, did the GSA schedule for his company. Not a real complicated one and this person knows more about the process than any company executive we have ever met. He spent 5 months, and then called us. Can you afford this kind of time? Can you afford to hire someone when we are so reasonable? Consider our unconditional guarantee for full service clients, If you are turned down for ANY reason, we will resubmit your proposal at no charge.