When establishing a GSA Schedule BPA, can the terms and conditions of the GSA Schedule contract be modified? For example, if the GSA Schedule contract has a delivery time of 60 days from receipt of order, but the ordering office needs delivery in 30 days,

Generally, the alteration or tailoring of GSA Schedule contract terms and conditions to meet the needs of individual procurements is not permitted. Such tailoring may violate the Competition in Contracting Act of 1984 (CICA) and alter the scope of the contract. In the case of delivery times, however, GSA Schedule contracts provide for various expedited delivery terms. An ordering office may find that the GSA Schedule contracts already contain the expedited delivery it requires, or the ordering office may contact GSA Schedule contractors to request the desired delivery time. Additional clauses that change the scope of a GSA Schedule contract cannot be added to a BPA. However, special provisions