I have a new computer and want to transfer the certificate to my new system. Where do I locate the digital certificate and how do I transfer it to my new system?

If the user have a Digital Cert Provided by DST the instructions are listed below. If they need additional assistance please call 888-248-4447 If their Digital Cert was provided by ORC please call for addt’l asistance (703) 246-8531 HOW TO IMPORT DIGITAL CERTFICATES TO ANOTHER PC Digital Certificates can be used by individuals working from home or from- telecommute centers. Follow the steps below to import your digital certificate to another PC. · Log onto PC · Insert Floppy or CD you exported your digital certificate to · Go to Internet Explorer · Click Tools, then Select Internet Options · Click the Content tab · Click the Certificates button, highlight your name · Click Import · Click Next on Certificate Importing Wizard · Click Browse, then click on “Look In” dropdown arrow · Highlight Drive (A:) if using a floppy disk or highlight CD Drive (D:) if using a CD · Click on “Files of Types” dropdown, Select file extension .PFX · Highlight filename · Click Open on Import Wizard · Click Next · Select Place all Certificates in following store (Personal) · Click Next · Click Finish