How do I tell if I have a current digital certificate?

If you have a valid digital cert for the eOffer/eMod sytem, you will see either ORC ACES or DST ACES. To check in Mozilla Fire Fox, go to: Tools => Options => Advanced => Encryption => View Certificates (click on your certificates tab on the far left hand side) To check in Internet Explorer, go to: Tools => Options => Content => Certificates (click on the personal tab on the left hand side) If you do not see the digital certificate listed, you have to apply for a digital certififcate….There are two companies that provide digital certificates, they are: Operational Reserach Consultants (ORC) – ORC website – – ORC helpdesk – 800.816.5548/888.816.5503 or Identrust – offers digital certificates – Identrust website – – Identrust helpdesk – 888.339.8904