Can the Multiple Award Schedules meet all of my needs? Even large or complex requirements? What if the Schedule contractor doesn't have everything under contract? How can I be certain that the services or products I need, including new technology, are alw

With over 4 million commercial services and products available, Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) can meet the vast majority of a customer’s needs. For those large or complex requirements, MAS contractors can join with other Schedule contract holders and submit a total solution to meet a customer’s needs under a Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA). MAS contractors may request that their contracts be modified at any time during the contract period to add new services and products to meet a customer’s requirements. The modification process also ensures that the latest technology is always available to the customer. Schedule contract periods are as long as five years with three five-year option periods to provide for continued sources of services and products. Most MAS solicitations now have continuous open seasons, which enable companies to submit offers at any time and further ensure that customers have, not only a variety of services and products to meet their requirements, but also the latest technology available in the commercial marketplace.