Are state and local government entities required to use the GSA Schedules Program?

No. Cooperative Purchasing is voluntary for both state and local government entities and for Schedule contractors. State and local entities have full discretion to decide if they wish to make a Federal Supply Schedule purchase, subject to any limitations that may be established under state and local laws and procedures. Similarly, Schedule contractors have the option of deciding whether they will accept orders placed by state or local government buyers. Schedule contractors will make this decision on two levels. First, on the contract level, Schedule contractors will decide which SIN(s) they want to offer under Cooperative Purchasing and enter into a mutual agreement with GSA to modify the contract. Second, even after an existing contract is modified or a new contract awarded, a schedule contractor will retain the right to decline orders received from state or local government entities on a case-by-case basis. Schedule contractors may decline an order, for any reason, within a five-day period after receipt of the order; however, credit card orders must be declined within 24 hours.