Question Category: Industrial Funding Fee FAQs

How does GSA receive the IFF from contractors?

Schedule contractors remit to GSA a fixed percentage of their quarterly contract sales. Clause 552.238-74, Industrial Funding Fee and Sales Reporting, contains instruction for remitting the IFF.

How do customers pay the IFF?

The IFF is included in the price customer agencies pay the contractor when they purchase items from a MAS. The contractor remits the IFF due to GSA, quarterly.

Do all MAS contracts include the IFF clause?

The IFF requirement was introduced to Multiple Award Schedule contracts in April of 1995. It is currently included in all Federal Supply Schedule contracts as 552.238-74, Industrial Funding Fee and Sales Reporting (July 2003).

What is the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF)?

The IFF is a fee paid by customers to cover GSA’s cost of operating the Federal Supply Schedules program. The fee is a percentage of reported sales under Schedules contracts.

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