The HUBZone Program is based on a geographical designation. Are there differences in these geographical assignments and approximately how many current locations are there for each?

The statute establishing the HUBZone Program directs the SBA to rely upon definitions provided by other Federal agencies to determine which areas qualify as HUBZones. Generally speaking, these determinations are arrived at after the collection of either income or employment data, and that data forms the basis for the calculations cited below: A HUBZone may…

Will small businesses participating in the SBA?s 8(a) Business Development Program that are already in or relocate to a HUBZone area be eligible to receive both 8(a) and HUBZone contracting opportunities?

Yes. This dual status can be quite beneficial, so a firm that has one designation and legitimately qualifies for the other is strongly urged to obtain both.

How can a firm's eligibility as a HUBZone participant be challenged?

The specific process for challenging a firm’s eligibility as a HUBZone participant is detailed in the SBA’s operating regulations. Generally, these regulations allow an interested party to challenge the accuracy of an existing certification based on allegedly falsified applicant information or substantive changes that might have occurred since certification was first obtained. The SBA will…

Does this program only apply to small businesses that are currently located in HUBZones, or can firms move to these areas and then become eligible to participate?

This program applies to firms that are currently located within HUBZones and can include any start-up business that chooses to start operation in a HUBZone. An existing small business that chooses to relocate to a HUBZone can also become certified provided it meets the remaining criteria outlined earlier.

If my small business has several offices and one is qualified as a ?principal office? that serves as the basis for a HUBZone designation, can all my offices claim HUBZone certification?

Yes, HUBZone is a status that applies to the entire business. This designation will remain in effect as long as any of the firm?s locations meet the test for and are certified as a “principal office” for HUBZone certification (assuming all other eligibility requirements are similarly maintained).

I understand that some regulatory amendments became effective Feb. 20, 2001. What's changed?

Those amendments to our rules appeared in the Federal Register on Jan. 18, 2001. The amendments impact four areas: Clarification on applicability to state and local governments This makes clear that the HUBZone program does not apply to contracts awarded by state and local governments, since the HUBZone Act only applies to the federal government….

Where is there a list of all HUBZone certified companies?

A state-by-state listing is available on the HUBZone Opening web page, but a more comprehensive search capability is offered through the Contracting Officer’s HUBZone Gateway, which now contains more than 4,700 Certified Small Business Concerns that have expressed an interest in working with the Federal government as HUBZone contractors. We made it easy for you…