We assist companies in obtaining GSA Schedules. Will we need a unique digital business certificate for each company we help, or, will a single digital business certificate allow us to submit schedules for various companies?

You will not need a unique digital certificate for each company you work with. You can use your digital certificate to work on any offer that you are a negotiator for. However, if your client is going to sign the final documents they will need their own certificate. The digital certificates are assigned on an…

We already have digital certificates for our online store. Is this a different ACES certificate specific to the eOffer process or can we use what we have?

We use the ACES Business Representative Certificates. If this is the type of certificate you have you may use it. If you do not have this type of certificate you will need to get a new one or have the company that issued your certificate contact us to determine if their certificate is compatible.

I wanted to know where I can obtain a digital certificate at no charge from one of your approved vendors. I was told that they are located somewhere on your vendor support website but I do not see them. I would appreciate your help.

To obtain a free digitial certificate, which is good for two years: Go to http://eoffers.orc.com Select ‘Next’ Select ‘Next’ again Select ‘Next’ again Select ‘Trust CA’s’ Complete all steps in order to obtain a digital certificate ORC helpdesk numbers are: 800.816.5548 or 888.816.5503

I have a VeriSign certificate. Will that work for eMods?

Unfortunately the certificate that you have is not one that is authorized for use on the eoffer.gsa.gov website. The correct digital certificate needed is the Business Representative Certificate which can be acquired through the ACE’s ORC organization (eoffers.orc.com) or the iDentrust orginzation (www.identrust.com). If you have any further questions then please contact us at 1.866.472.9114.

I have a new computer and want to transfer the certificate to my new system. Where do I locate the digital certificate and how do I transfer it to my new system?

If the user have a Digital Cert Provided by DST the instructions are listed below. If they need additional assistance please call 888-248-4447 If their Digital Cert was provided by ORC please call for addt’l asistance (703) 246-8531 HOW TO IMPORT DIGITAL CERTFICATES TO ANOTHER PC Digital Certificates can be used by individuals working from…