New Authorization for National Voluntary Organizations Active in a Disaster (NVOAD) to Purchase via Schedules

GSA Schedule contractors can now sell to the National Voluntary Organizations Active in a Disaster (NVOAD) through their Federal Supply Schedules contract.  Section 2 of the Federal Supply Schedules Usage Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-263), states that the Administrator of General Services may provide for the use of  Federal Supply Schedules, by other qualified…

Are Schedule contractors required to accept orders from state and local government entities?

Schedule contractors have the option of deciding whether they will accept orders placed by state or local government buyers. Schedule contractors will make this decision on two levels. First, on the contract level, Schedule contractors will decide whether they want to offer Disaster Recovery Purchasing and enter into a mutual agreement with GSA to modify…

How do state and local government entities place orders against Schedule contracts? Do such orders against Schedule contracts meet competition requirements?

State and local government entities are encouraged to use GSA’s Schedule Ordering Procedures to ensure the benefit of receiving the best value from GSA Schedule contractors. When state and local governments follow the GSA Schedule Ordering Procedures

If the contractor does not perform acceptably under a Disaster Recovery Purchasing order issued by a state or local entity, should the ordering activity request the GSA contracting officer take corrective measures?

No. Acceptance of an order by the Schedule contractor under Disaster Recovery Purchasing constitutes the formation of a new contract between the non-federal ordering activity and the Schedule contractor. The ordering activity’s contracting officer is responsible for all contract administration under the new contract. While the majority of the terms and conditions of the Schedule…

Under Disaster Recovery Purchasing, can ordering activities include terms and conditions required by state or local statutes, ordinances, regulations, or orders?

Yes. However, the additional terms and conditions must be included as a part of the Statement of Work (SOW) or the Statement of Objectives (SOO) and must not conflict with the terms and conditions of the GSA Schedule contract.

May state and local government entities use credit cards to purchase products and services under this program?

Yes. Schedule contractors may accept any state and local government-issued credit cards for orders placed under Disaster Recovery Purchasing. Contractors are required to accept credit cards for orders up to the micro-purchase threshold and contractors may voluntarily accept credit cards for orders exceeding the micro-purchase threshold.