How do I know that all items are on GSA Federal Supply Schedule?

In providing a total solution to an agency’s requirement under a Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA), the services and products proposed should be identified under each team member’s GSA Schedule contract. Any proposed services and products that are not part of a GSA Schedule contract (i.e., open market items) may be included only after all applicable…

What are the benefits of a GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA)?

Satisfies the customer with a single solution; Increases competitive edge; Increases market share; Increases visibility; Focuses on core capabilities; Obtains complementary capabilities; Integrates different skills; Offers additional opportunities with customers; Builds direct relationships with customers; Maximizes use of one or more GSA Schedule solutions; Shares risks and rewards; and Increases small business participation.

How do GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs) differ from Prime Contractor/Subcontractor Arrangements?

Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA) Prime Contractor/Subcontractor Arrangement Each team member holds a GSA Schedule contract. Only prime contractor has a government contract. Any team member may be designated the team leader. Team leader is only responsible for duties addressed in the CTA. Prime contractor cannot delegate responsibility for performance to subcontractors. Any team member can…

When should GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs) be set up?

GSA Federal Supply Schedule contractors may establish a CTA in advance of any known requirement or after requirements are defined and the Request for Quotation (RFQ) issued. The CTA should include the names of the team members, their respective GSA Federal Supply Schedule contract numbers, and a description of the responsibilities of each team member….

Does GSA approve a GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA)?

No. The CTA is solely between the team members and cannot conflict with the underlying terms and conditions of each team member’s GSA Federal Supply Schedule contract. In their review of quotations, however, agencies may identify deficiencies in the CTA in order to enhance the probability of successful performance.

Will GSA provide a sample GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA)?

No. Arrangements are made between team members and will vary from one CTA to another. The following are common elements of a CTA: Identifies participants, GSA Schedule contract numbers, and services and products covered by the arrangement; Defines terms; Sets forth each participant’s roles, responsibilities, and obligations; Identifies scope, period of performance (for specific, limited…