The Guide to Government Contracts




Thank you for investing in this guide.  We wrote it as a reference for tips on successfully selling and marketing to the lucrative Federal Government.
For years, marketers, like you, have missed so many opportunities within the Federal Government.  Why?  Lack of knowledge selling to the Federal Government, lack of product(s) being on GSA Schedule, and/or lack of a reliable resource to answer questions once your product(s) get(s) on Schedule.
Contrary, to common belief, selling to the Federal Government is not the same as selling commercially.  Mistakes, that are erasable in the Commercial world, are not erasable in the Federal Government.
This guide is NOT intended as a step-by-step “How To” manual.  It is merely intended to educate you in the Federal Marketplace and hopefully give you some basic and advanced guidelines before you make a mistake.
This “The Guide to Government Contracts” was designed for easy reading to quickly give the reader a better understanding of selling to the Federal Government.