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LJT & Associates 2Now that LJT & Associates, Inc. has graduated from the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program, I find myself taking a few moments to reflect back on the past nine years and the critical decisions we made that have directly affected our journey. This is where MarketUS comes into play. As with many small minority owned companies maximizing available cash is always a critical challenge and LJT & Associates, Inc. was no different. That is where MarketUS came into play. When we first spoke I was a bit apprehensive but you and your staff quickly allayed my concerns and showed me how to walk through the maze known as the Federal Government bureaucracy. With guidance of MarketUS we were able to get our GSA Schedule 70 contract vehicle in place but it didn’t stop there. MarketUS also helped us with our Professional Engineering Schedule as well as other GSA schedule vehicles. Additionally, MarketUS helped LJT & Associates, Inc. with several other issues concerning Web sites and email in a very efficient and cost effective manner. The irony here is that LJT & Associates, Inc. was, at that time, primarily IT Company. The engagement of MarketUS afforded LJT & Associates, Inc. the time and financial resources to broaden our capabilities and contract vehicles to give the Federal Government a path to hire LJT & Associates, Inc. to provided needed engineering services. As I reflect on the life of LJT & Associates, Inc. I view our decision to engage MarketUS and maintain a long standing relationship as one of our best professional decisions and certainly would highly recommend any company look to MarketUS as the avenue into the Federal Government contracting arena. LJT & Associates, Inc. not only cultivated a critical professional partner but more importantly made some very good friends in MarketUS -LT, President

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