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iff faqs

How do customers pay the IFF?

The IFF is included in the price customer agencies pay the contractor when they purchase items from a MAS. The contractor remits the IFF due …

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Why can't we do a schedule by ourselves?

You CAN do your own schedule and don’t believe anyone who says you cannot. You have to be ready to devote a lot of time …

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Some agencies are issuing BPAs against schedules for multi-million dollar amounts. Is there a dollar amount too large for MAS/BPA procedures?

No. The maximum order limitation requirement has been removed from MAS procedures. FAR 8.404 (b) (3) states that agencies may find it advantageous to request …

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What is the easiest way to find the location of a HUBZone in my area?

Simply log onto the web at and select the option Are You in a HUBZone? You can search the system using several designations, including …

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eOffer FAQs

Can I talk to someone on the phone I have a few questions

Contact the eTools Help Desk on 1-866-472-9114.

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Digital faqs

I have a digital certificate with ACCESS for DDTC can I use the same one for eMod?

Unfortunately the certificate that you have is not one that is authorized for use on the website. The correct digital certificate needed is the …

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