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How do state and local government entities place orders against Schedule contracts? Do such orders against Schedule contracts meet competition requirements?

State and local government entities are encouraged to use GSA’s Schedule Ordering Procedures to ensure the benefit of receiving the best value from GSA Schedule …

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arra faqa

Is the spending data on available in a format (like XML) that developers can use to create mashups and gadgets?

Not at this time. But, as new systems are developed to capture the allocations and expenditures under the Act, we plan to make that data …

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What is GSA's policy regarding adding supplies/services to MAS delivery orders, where those supplies/services are not under MAS contract?

As stated in the ATA Defense Industries case of June 27, 1997 – GSA’s procedures satisfy the requirement of the Competition in Contracting Act of …

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Disaster FAQs

New Authorization for National Voluntary Organizations Active in a Disaster (NVOAD) to Purchase via Schedules

GSA Schedule contractors can now sell to the National Voluntary Organizations Active in a Disaster (NVOAD) through their Federal Supply Schedules contract.  Section 2 of …

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If I own the company applying for HUBZone certification, should I include myself when calculating the number of employees?

Yes. You count regardless of whether you serve in a paid or unpaid status, so long as you consider yourself to be a principal employee …

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Digital faqs

I have a VeriSign certificate. Will that work for eMods?

Unfortunately the certificate that you have is not one that is authorized for use on the website. The correct digital certificate needed is the …

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