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Why are GSA Schedules different?

GSA Schedules are not owned by any one agency and are not directed to solve the particular problems of a single agency and then, almost …

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If the contractor does not perform acceptably under a Cooperative Purchasing order issued by a state or local entity, should the ordering activity request the GSA Contracting Officer take corrective measures?

No. Acceptance of an order by the Schedule contractor under Cooperative Purchasing constitutes the formation of a new contract between the non-federal ordering activity and …

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Contractor Teaming FAQs

Can the customer just pay the team leader and the team leader pay the team members?


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What is a Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA) under the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) Program?

A detailed explanation is under the CTA FAQ section below.  A CTA under the MAS Program is an arrangement in which two or more Schedule …

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Disaster FAQs

Under Disaster Recovery Purchasing, can ordering activities include terms and conditions required by state or local statutes, ordinances, regulations, or orders?

Yes. However, the additional terms and conditions must be included as a part of the Statement of Work (SOW) or the Statement of Objectives (SOO) …

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iff faqs

How should contractors identify payments as IFF if they are paying by check?

Contractors should follow the instructions in the IFF Clause, 552.238-74, and must provide the following information with all payments: contract number(s)), report amount(s)), and report …

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