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Contractor Teaming FAQs

To whom does the customer agency communicate in a GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA)?

Points of contact should be spelled out in the CTA.

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Contractor Teaming FAQs

How do GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs) differ from Prime Contractor/Subcontractor Arrangements?

Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA) Prime Contractor/Subcontractor Arrangement Each team member holds a GSA Schedule contract. Only prime contractor has a government contract. Any team member …

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Can state and local governments use existing BPAs under the Schedule contract?

No. State and local governments cannot use existing BPAs, unless they were initially included as authorized users of the BPA. Existing BPAs cannot be modified …

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What differentiates a size and service-disabled veteran-owned protest?

A size protest is a challenge to an offeror’s representation that it does not exceed the size standard assigned to a solicitation. A service-disabled veteran-owned …

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Are Schedule contractors required to accept orders from state and local government entities?

Schedule contractors have the option of deciding whether they will accept orders placed by state or local government buyers. Schedule contractors will make this decision …

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How do state and local government entities place orders against Schedule contracts? Do such orders against Schedule contracts meet competition requirements?

State and local government entities are encouraged to use GSA’s Schedule Ordering Procedures to ensure the benefit of receiving the best value from GSA Schedule …

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