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iff faqs

Do customers pay the IFF in addition to the price listed by the MAS contractor?

No. The IFF is already included in the price of the item because GSA negotiated the fee into the contract price before the award was …

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Can state and local government entities be granted additional price reductions under the Schedule contracts?

Yes. State and local government entities may be granted additional price reductions under Disaster Recovery Purchasing.

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I want to help. What can I do?

Over the course of the spring, increasing amounts of information will become available on that will show where the money is going. We are …

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iff faqs

Is the IFF applicable to additional contractor expenses such as travel on service contracts?

The IFF is a simple application of the rate to the sale. If a contractor makes a sale of contract items under a Federal Supply …

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Contractor Teaming FAQs

In a GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA), who is responsible for reporting sales and remitting the industrial funding fee?

Each GSA Federal Supply Schedule contractor is responsible for reporting its GSA Schedule contract sales and remitting the appropriate industrial funding fee.

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When establishing a GSA Schedule BPA, can the terms and conditions of the GSA Schedule contract be modified? For example, if the GSA Schedule contract has a delivery time of 60 days from receipt of order, but the ordering office needs delivery in 30 days,

Generally, the alteration or tailoring of GSA Schedule contract terms and conditions to meet the needs of individual procurements is not permitted. Such tailoring may …

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