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DanSources Technical Services, Inc.

DanSources/Dan Fahey has been working with Mike Price for more than 15 years. He has written several GSA Contracts for us which has helped us win some business with them.

Only delays were caused by getting him information promptly. I had to coordinate my time to get him the details, documents and filling out website like Open Ratings… He was politely persistent to get him the information he needed. He made several recommendations which proved to be useful in business development.

Mikes work looks very clean and professional. He had to struggle with GSA to get them answers to questions. For some reason, the GSA representative kept asking a question that was clearly answered, several times. He just gritted his teeth and re-answered their questions until it got to the right person to validate.

He just finished our Schedule 70 and we are giving him a new task to get out TAPS GSA Contract done and awarded.

Dan Fahey – President CEO
DanSources Technical Services, Inc.

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